I came here for a sec, I need to ask you a question and I’d really appreciate if you answer, guys!

So maybe next year I’ll be one of the juries for Best Fanart nominations at the local convention (it’s like a big tumblr gathering).

How do you think am I qualified enough?

# real quick q # i really want to be in the jury # but on the other side i'm not sure if people will be happy if i will be one # what do you think?

  1. madperson answered: ……Honestly, love I think you are going to be perfect.
  2. niffbastian answered: HELL TO THE YES. YES. YES YES YES.
  3. kevlarland answered: You are star quality and I would be ashamed of you if say you werent qualified.
  4. pawnee-government answered: Yes. 100%
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